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Funeral Tributes

People sometimes feel the woodland is bare and that graves need ‘cheering up’ with cut flowers and additional planting. Please remember that GreenAcres Epping Forest is a living woodland and is managed in this way.

Please help us with our management by complying with the information below.

  • Cut flowers may be left lying on the grave without any wrappings or ribbons, or placed in the permitted wooden vase
  • Only wooden vases can be used on plots. These can be purchased from the park reception or you may source your own of a similar design and size, not stained or varnished. Vases, jam jars, plastic bottles, wooden baskets, single stem holders, balloons etc. may not be left on plots as these spoil the natural appearance of the wood
  •  The woodland wardens will take away flowers as they deteriorate either through weather conditions or grazing by wildlife e.g. rabbits, slugs and snails
  • Funeral tributes are always accepted and left on the grave until they deteriorate for the same reasons as above
  • To safeguard the appearance of the woodland, we are unable to permit cuddly, wooden or similar toys, or photographs
  • No flowers or public access is allowed on the ash scattering area (Bluebell Wood). This is for health and safety reasons and to protect the bluebells. Flowers may be left by the large wooden memorial at the top of the scattering area
  • You are welcome to bring Christmas Wreaths made of natural products e.g. holly and ivy. These will be left on the grave until 6th January and then removed by the woodland staff