GreenAcres Rainford is a unique, natural cemetery and ceremonial park located on the outskirts of St Helens. This special place can be uplifting, even at a time of great sadness.

Our families appreciate the tranquil and beautiful environment, set amidst acres of glorious woodland. They also take great comfort from knowing that this landscape will be sustained, enhanced and preserved for future generations.

We’re sure it’s also a place where you’ll feel comfortable. A place you and your family will want to return to, time and time again, to walk together, share memories and reflect.

Our Services

“A beautiful setting. We were able to personalise the service and give my husband a unique service.”

Choice. Perfection. Affordability. We understand how important all these factors are when you’re making the important decision about where to lay your loved one to rest.

At GreenAcres Rainford, we have very few rules, so it’s up to you to decide exactly what you want. Services in our Woodland Hall take many formats. Of course, we’re here to offer support whenever you need us. But where possible, we’ll follow your exact wishes or the plans of your loved one.

Whether you are looking for a memorial or memorial service, cremation service, burial service followed by a traditional burial, a simple graveside service or to scatter or inter ashes, we’ll help make sure your loved one has the perfect send-off

GreenAcres Rainford is divided into a range of different woodland areas. Prices vary across the park according to the location and ease of access. In this way, we ensure it’s open to as many people as possible – irrespective of their budget.

Your family is welcome to visit any time during opening hours. Whether or not your loved one is buried or interred at a GreenAcres Park, you can erect a memorial to them. Just get in touch when you’re ready.

Useful Information

If you need more information, you can download the GreenAcres Rainford brochure where you’ll find more details about all the services available here.

The virtual tour of GreenAcres Chiltern may also help you appreciate the beauty of this much-loved corner of the English countryside.

We’d love to meet you. So please do contact us to arrange a visit. A member of our team can show you around and answer any questions you may have.

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A survey of over 2,000 UK residents has revealed that 29% of the population have discussed death and their funeral preferences more frequently with loved ones compared to before the coronavirus pandemic, demonstrating a shift in attitudes and openness when discussing the end of life.

The survey, commissioned by GreenAcres, the award-winning cemetery, and ceremonial park group, was designed to highlight the importance of families having appropriate support in place to manage end of life, death, and living with grief.

However, the results also highlighted some clear differences across both gender and age. 52% of women said they did discuss death with those closest to them, compared to only 36% of men.

Although 43% of respondents have either discussed some ideas or would like to share their thoughts, only 24% have shared detailed preferences for funeral arrangements with loved ones.

Those aged 35-44 felt most strongly that they didn’t know how to approach the topic of death, and one in four people have never discussed death with their loved ones, and don’t plan to.

Andy Tait from GreenAcres said:

“After the incredibly tragic experiences that so many people have lived through over the past 18 months, it’s perhaps not surprising that more and more of us have started to open up a conversation with our loved ones about death. For so many people, it can be an incredibly difficult topic – nothing can prepare you for how you might feel when someone close to you dies, whether it’s expected or not. It can feel overwhelming, devastating, and strange, all at the same time. There are lots to organise, and it can be difficult to know where to start.

“For many people, talking about death and individual preferences can be a taboo subject, but by sharing our wishes, it can take the stress and worry away from the people you love the most when it’s their turn to make the arrangements.

“Our survey highlights an encouraging shift in behaviour and openness, but also demonstrates that more needs to be done to normalise these important conversations and provide people with the support they need to not only discuss death but also living with grief.”

As part of its ongoing support to help people speak more openly about death, GreenAcres has launched a new partnership with a leading bereavement charity, The Good Grief Trust, to open a series of pop-up cafés across its UK parks for bereaved local communities and families.

Designed to offer an umbrella of support to local communities, the Good Grief Cafés at GreenAcres are run by trained Good Grief Trust volunteers who have all been bereaved themselves, to connect and signpost people to services across the country and help them find a way forward.

To find out more visit Pop Up Good Grief Cafes – The Good Grief Trust and to register a place email: [email protected].