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“Remember your loved one in the tranquil and natural beauty of a GreenAcres park.”

Memorials at GreenAcres

Memorial services can help you put aside time to celebrate the life of the person you love. It’s an event that brings family and friends together to share memories and support each other. No matter what you have in mind, we can help you make it a perfect event to honour the memory of your loved one. Our team are very creative, so if you’re looking for ideas, please don’t hesitate to ask us for help.

Every one of our parks has a Service Hall with its own unique character. The atmosphere is created by a combination of music and lighting and each building is set within a beautiful environment.


There are a number of ways to create a fitting tribute to the person you love. Contact us to arrange a tour of the park and we can discuss the options available in more detail.

Oak memorial post

You can mark full burials, ashes and children’s graves with a single oak wooden post or memorial plaque.

Living memorial

Anyone is welcome to have a living memorial at one of our Parks, regardless of where their loved one is laid to rest. Living memorials provide a beautiful way to remember someone you love as they help to create perfect natural habitats. They range from planting a Living Memorial Tree to wildlife boxes.

Urns and ashes casket

Choose from a beautifully designed range of ashes urns and caskets made from fully biodegradable materials.

Book of Remembrance

An entry in our Book of Remembrance provides a lasting memorial to your loved one. Only available in Chiltern, Colney and Epping Forest.

Memorial plaque

We offer a range of sponsored memorial plaques made from English oak, which you can personalise with an inscription and mount, for example, on a memorial bench.

Prestige memorial options

Our prestige options offer a greater degree of privacy and exclusivity and can be used by families as a place where more than one member of the family can be laid to rest together. Options, which vary between our parks, can include:

  • A Family Tree, with burial or scattering areas around an established tree
  • Woodland Glades and Bays
  • Private Gardens
  • Living Memorial Trees
  • Mausoleums

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