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Developments at GreenAcres Kemnal Park and Eternal Gardens

January 7, 2022

January 7, 2022

London view private burial garden in sidcup, chislehurst cemetery, Greenacres Kemnal Park
A plan to redesign a small section of Kemnal Park and Eternal Gardens

Everyone deserves their wishes to be met when their time comes. This final journey, alongside a safe and secure resting place is important to all concerned. This may take many different forms, dependent on the individual’s spiritual, religious, or ethnic background. There’s no right or wrong, yet choice can be hard to find in some geographical areas. The sad fact is that there is a shortage of appropriate space for those communities who choose burials. It is for this reason that GreenAcres Kemnal Park and Eternal Gardens is developing the park to accommodate more choice for more communities.

As privately owned property, GreenAcres has secured the planning permission to use the land for the purpose of a cemetery, funeral services, and provide space for burial and ash interments. Catering for the diverse needs of the South London, Kent and Essex community requires significant research and preparation. Hence, you will not be surprised that this project commenced several years ago and is the result of a team of experts collaborating across their professional fields. It is important that meeting the needs of the community is balanced with that of the environment. The GreenAcres Group take the environmental agenda seriously, we aim to reduce waste, reduce the use of plastic, access more sustainable energy resources, reduce the carbon emissions, whilst continuing to manage more than 200 acres of sustainable landscapes for generations to come. GreenAcres continues to strive to be a sustainable business.

Eternal Gardens dedicated Muslim burial facility will expand to support community needs

The development plan includes the creation of an additional area for Eternal Gardens, the dedicated burial facility to support our Muslim community. Helping families through difficult times, by ensuring that people of the Muslim faith can have a Sharia compliant funeral, serviced with dignity and care.

We have also taken into great consideration the natural habitat, trees and plants will be selected carefully, informed by local conditions. Our landscape designers have proposed solutions that contribute to the aesthetic of the park and act on ecological improvements as well. This will include the addition of approximately 40 trees to the Park, along with shrubs and bushes.

For more information about the redesign please download the brochure provided above. you can also contact GreenAcres and Eternal Gardens if you have any questions.

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