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Information for Funeral Directors


We are independent and work hard to invest in our parks to give people the choice of something different. A significant amount of our profit is reinvested in the parks and our people. We have set up Trusts to ring-fence money to maintain our parks for many years to
come and to secure customers’ advance payments. This investment means that the future of our parks is secure for future generations, even when they are no longer active burial grounds.

Working with GreenAcres

We understand the pressure you’re under to deliver a perfect service. Dealing with bereaved families, making all the arrangements so that everything goes according to plan, and working to inflexible deadlines can be challenging. That’s why we prioritise building long-term partnerships with Funeral Directors so that, together, we can achieve unsurpassed standards of service.

It’s the little things that make a difference. So, we’ll go out of our way to make sure every detail is meticulously carried out as per each family’s requirements. We aim to exceed your expectations with our flexible service and thoughtful, creative team. Everything we do is designed to offer you and the bereaved families a smooth and stress-free experience

Supporting you during the service

Our service team will assist you every step of the way. While the service is taking place, there is a comfortable seating area available for your team, with complimentary light refreshments.

We’d love to meet you

If you haven’t visited a GreenAcres park before, we’d love to meet you, so please do get in touch to arrange a tour. We also encourage bereaved families to visit us before the service, to look around, get to know the team and make sure they’re happy with all the arrangements.

Please Contact us if you wish to have a private tour of the Park.


Burials at GreenAcres

We take pride in our personalised Burial Service options, providing a unique experience for each family that comes to our Parks. The grave will be prepared to the specifications you’ve provided and will be dressed in traditional green matting. A container of soil will be placed by the grave in readiness, should the mourners wish to throw a symbolic handful onto the coffin.

Once the service has taken place, and the mourners have departed, our grounds team will backfill the grave and place any flowers neatly on top. Please let us know beforehand if family members wish to take part in backfilling the grave so that we can make the necessary arrangements.

All new graves will naturally subside during the settling period so our grounds team will ‘top them up’ regularly, to make sure they always look their best.

Cremation services

On the day of the Cremation Service, once the ceremony has finished, the coffin is transported by our team in an unmarked vehicle to a licensed, named crematorium, where the cremation takes place. We will always collect the ashes from the crematorium. It is then up to the family if they would like you to collect them on their behalf or in person themselves.

Music and photography

We include complimentary music and visual tribute in all of our services. However, many families enjoy personalising their service, we offer options to celebrate and reflect on loved ones, such as family-supplied tribute, extra photos, live and on-demand and keepsake copies.

Please visit our Prices page for information on different personalisation options available at GreenAcres.


Please let us have all the completed paperwork at least three days before the date of the service. If there’s anything else you need to know, just contact your local GreenAcres park.


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