“The park team were most caring, helpful and friendly. Much appreciated on such a sad occasion Thank you.”


Cremations at GreenAcres Colney

Cremation services at some venues can feel rushed and impersonal. That’s because there’s limited time before the next service begins, meaning families can feel under pressure, without enough time to honour their loved one in the way they wish.

At GreenAcres Colney, we do things differently. There’s no rush, no time pressure. And it doesn’t matter what your faith, beliefs or cultural practices are, you can celebrate the life of the person you love in the way they’d have wished.

Cremation Services

The cremation service takes place in our beautiful Service Hall. Afterwards, the coffin is transported by our team in a private vehicle to a licensed crematorium for the cremation itself.

Working with your chosen Funeral Director, we’ll arrange for your loved one’s ashes to be returned to you, interred, scattered, or stored as you wish.

Our magnificent Service Hall has a unique ambience; a perfect combination of music and lighting, surrounded by a beautiful natural environment.

Audio-visual tributes are included in the cost of both the Premium and Prestige service.This means the whole service can be recorded or live streamed for mourners unable to attend.

A memorial service can take place either before or after the ashes have been scattered or interred, either at our park or elsewhere.

You can also arrange to place a permanent memorial to your loved one in our park. Alternatively, if you prefer to preserve their remains at home, you can choose from various small personal memorial keepsakes, as well as larger urns and ashes caskets.

Cremation Services – Your Options

With three options available, you can choose the service that best suits your needs.

Prestige service Prices from £795

A one-hour prestige service enables families to pay tribute to their loved one without having to be conscious of the time. Additional hours are also available

Premium service Prices from £695

A 30-minute premium service is ideal for families who prefer a short, intimate service rather than something more detailed or involved

Unwitnessed cremation service Prices from £450

An unwitnessed cremation service involves your chosen Funeral Director without family or friends being present. After a short, respectful service at a GreenAcres park, the coffin is transported to a licensed crematorium after which the ashes are either returned to you or stored according to your wishes

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