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The GreenAcres guide to pre-planning your funeral

August 9, 2022

It may seem strange to be thinking about your own death and what happens afterwards. But planning how – and where – you’d like to be remembered is part of your legacy. There are several components to end-of-life planning, so to help you organise the perfect send-off, we’ve created this simple step-by-step guide on what to think about when pre-planning your funeral and why it’s a good thing to do.

1/ Ease the financial burden on your family

As well as taking pressure off your family at a difficult time, planning ahead can significantly reduce the cost of your funeral. No insurance policy covers everything, and with inflation rising each year, paying for your service and plot in advance will save money in the long run. Of course, it also means your family will be free from any financial burden, as well as the emotional cost of having to make important decisions when the time comes.

Pre-purchased plots can now be supported by a 10-month, interest-free instalment plan payable by Direct Debit or a Funeral Safe loan via GreenAcres. For further information, please speak to a member of the team at your local Park.

2/ Get the funeral you want

Everyone deserves to have their wishes met when the time comes. By making arrangements nice and early, you’ll have peace of mind that you’ll be remembered in the way you want when you pass. Pre-planning also allows you to discuss your wishes with your loved ones first. That way, you’ll get the send-off you deserve. 

3/ Ensure you have an up-to-date will

Having an up-to-date will written by a solicitor is vital in ensuring your wishes are respected and followed. A legitimate will also frees your family from the burden of difficult decisions and legal complications.  

If you don’t yet have one or are unsure of where to start, Free Wills Month offers anyone aged 55 and over the opportunity to have a simple will written or updated free of charge at certain times of the year by participating solicitors across England, Scotland, and Wales.   

To get involved, simply click here and enter your details on the Free Wills Month website to find participating solicitors near you.  

4/ Appoint an individual with durable power of attorney

A durable power of attorney is an important legal document that gives another person the right to make decisions about your finances, health and welfare should you become incapacitated. Choosing someone you trust, such as a friend or loved one, negates the need for costly and stressful court action should the worst happen. This is especially important if you’re unwell or suffering from a long-term or terminal illness.  

5/ Specify preferences for your funeral, burial, or cremation

Regardless of your spiritual or religious beliefs, choosing whether you’d like a burial or cremation is a big decision to make. You may prefer a simple cremation with your ashes scattered somewhere special to you. Or you may find a traditional burial is a more fitting tribute. You can take all the time you need to decide, but thinking about it as early as possible helps take the stress away from your loved ones during a difficult time.

6/ Select your final resting place or memorial

Choosing your final resting place or memorial before the time comes can bring you and your family a sense of peace before you pass.  You can choose where you want to rest from a variety of settings, from peaceful, sustainably managed woodlands and stunning wildflower meadows to relaxing, well-cared-for parkland. 

Alternatively, you may want your grave to be marked with a simple oak or small granite plaque with a simple inscription. You can also choose to place a memorial bench, rose bush, leaf vault, or other memorial in some burial parklands, along with an engraved plaque.

All our prices for each memorial option are the same across our GreenAcres Parks. Speak to a member of our friendly team to explore your options and find the right memorial option for you.

7/ Consider the environmental impact of your funeral

You may want to consider having a sustainable funeral to minimise your impact on the environment. There are many ways you can do this, such as:

  • Using natural coffin materials, such as bamboo, cardboard, willow and banana leaf, wherever possible
  • Having no coffin at all
  • Choosing a woodland burial
  • Using a biodegradable urn to hold your ashes
  • Asking mourners to plant a tree instead of offering flowers as a tribute
  • Requesting mourners to car share or use public transport to attend your funeral

At GreenAcres, we’ve made these choices easier for you by implementing a range of eco and conservation policies to protect the landscape. Speak to a member of our friendly and knowledgeable team to find out more.

8/ Explore themes, music and colours that you may wish your life to be celebrated 

A funeral or memorial service is a unique way to celebrate the life you lived. While traditional funeral etiquette suggests that mourners should wear black, you might want to have your loved ones wear more vibrant colours to say their goodbyes. You also have the chance to have a personalised coffin, your favourite music played, or a particular theme that reflects your hobbies, interests, or culture. 

Talk to your loved ones about your wishes, as they can help you plan the perfect send-off. They can also offer ideas that you may not have considered before. In fact, many families tell us that the conversation they’d been dreading turned into laughter and smiles.

We’re here to help

If you need advice about funeral planning or want a friendly ear to talk through your options, we’re here for you. Click here for more information.

You can:

  • Download a brochure
  • Book a visit to a Park
  • Request a telephone call back
  • Email us for more information


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