“I wanted a tree which would grow to be part of my son. His ashes would be part of the tree. I loved the peacefulness and wanted a calm place to visit. He and I loved the open air!”

Memorials at GreenAcres Rainford

Memorial services can help you put aside time to celebrate the life of the person you love. It’s an event that brings family and friends together to share memories and support each other. And no matter what you have in mind, we can help you make it a perfect event to honour the memory of your loved one. Our team are very creative, so if you’re looking for ideas, please don’t hesitate to ask us for help.

Our Park has a Service Hall with its own unique character. The atmosphere is created by a combination of music and lighting, and each building is set within a beautiful environment.


There are a number of ways to create a fitting tribute to the person you love. Contact us to arrange a tour of the Park, and we can discuss the options available in more detail.

Ash scattering                                                             Prices from £395

Our Park has designated communal areas for the scattering of ashes. The memorial options in these areas vary. A plaque may be purchased for an additional fee. Details of this fee are available.

Memorial wooden post

Woodland                                                                      Prices from £395

There are so many ways in which you might want to remember a loved one and as with the funeral, this service is completely personal. For instance, you can choose to inter the ashes of your loved one around an old English oak or an established pine tree. We have many options to choose from to commemorate someone special.

Sponsored memorial                                                 Prices from £65

We offer a range of sponsored memorials throughout the Park, which you can personalise with an inscription and motif. Memorialise your loved one in the beauty of the outdoors and feel close to them whenever you visit the Park. Available on a three-year sponsorship which can be renewed. Our bird boxes are currently unavailable.

Acorn natural urn for ashes

Urns and ashes casket                                               Prices from £79

Choose from a beautifully designed bamboo or wooden casket or an acorn urn made from biodegradable materials.

Memorial post                                                            Prices from £285

In the woodland area of our Park, full burials and ashes graves may be marked with a single wooden post. We offer different styles of posts to suit your requirement. Please speak to a member of our team of specialists for further details.


Our prestige options offer a greater degree of privacy and exclusivity and can be used by families as a place where more than one member of the family can be laid to rest together. Options, which vary in nature, can include:

Living Memorial Tree                                               Prices from £3,995

A Living Memorial Tree creates a legacy for your loved one. A carefully selected sapling tree is planted with the ashes scattered within the root-ball. Two additional family ashes may be scattered around the tree in future years to create a family tribute.

Family Tree                                                                 Prices from £4,845

A Family Tree is a carefully selected established tree with space for a number of ash interments. This could be a blossom or fruit tree native to the Park. These trees are a special way to remember loved ones and atre often selected for the love of the tree itself. 

Woodland Glade                                                        Prices from £7,995

Bordered by a low wall created by natural wooden logs, a Woodland Glade offers a unique and dedicated place for you to connect with your loved one for years to come.

Woodland bay for burial or ash memorial at GreenAcres UK

Woodland Bay                                                           Prices from £9,995

The Woodland Bay is a beautiful space created by nature between the foliage of the Park. The  interment plot is marked by the natural environment and carefully placed moss logs, blending your loved one’s resting place into the Park’s peaceful surroundings. *Coming soon

Private Garden                                                          Prices from £11,495

Surrounded by a carefully chosen hedging plants and closed with your own ornate gate, our manicured Private Gardens provide you with a quiet space for peace and privacy, allowing you to reflect in a special environment for many years to come. Our Private Gardens are designed to accommodate a number of ash interments.

For more information request a price list or contact us