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Planning Ahead

“I know that before my mum died, she was happy knowing that she would be buried exactly where she wanted to be.”

Planning for the future

It may seem strange to be thinking about your death and what happens afterwards. But planning how – and where, you’d like to be remembered is part of your legacy. When the time comes, it will give your family peace of mind to know they’re carrying out your wishes.



Why plan ahead?

As well as taking pressure off your family at a difficult time, planning ahead can significantly reduce the cost of your funeral. No insurance policy covers everything and with inflation rising each year, paying for your service and plot in advance will save money in the long run. Of course, it also means your family will be free from any financial burden, as well as the emotional cost of having to make important decisions when the time comes.

GreenAcres Parks provide a beautiful setting for your final resting place with many opportunities to represent the way you wish to be remembered for years to come. Unlike many other cemeteries, when you purchase a plot in any of our parks (whether for a Full Burial or an Ash Interment), you can choose the place you want to be buried from a variety of beautiful settings. You can also select the type of funeral or memorial service you want.

Pre-purchased plots and services can now be supported by a Funeral Safe loan via GreenAcres. For further information please speak to a member of the team at your local Park.

A portion of your payment for your plot is secured in a trust fund and kept safe, so that the Park and your plot are beautifully maintained. This protects your wishes and ensures that all goes according to your plans.