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GreenAcres Colney

The kindness, thoughtfulness, attention to detail and organisation has been extraordinary. Everyone has been wonderful. The comfort my family and I feel at my husband being buried in this beautiful place with such caring people is huge. Thank you.”

An enchanting place, with 16 acres of glorious mature woodland surrounding our award-winning ceremonial buildings: let the true beauty of nature be part of your life celebration.

Full-length glass panels in our Woodland Hall bring the tree canopy into the room with breathtaking effect. Across a courtyard living-walled with hazel is our warm and inviting Gathering Hall. Vibrant with wildflowers and wildlife, the tranquil harmony of the woodland enriches family gatherings and special occasions.

GreenAcres Colney is a stunning and unique venue in which to celebrate, commemorate, and honour those key moments in life’s journey – to remember incredible memories, and to create joyous new ones.

GreenAcres Colney
Watton Road
Norfolk NR4 7TY

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