“Thoughtfully designed, and the grounds are immaculately kept. The team are friendly, helpful and kind and nothing is too much trouble. It is a wonderful place to remember loved ones”

Memorials at GreenAcres Kemnal Park

Memorial services can help you put aside time to celebrate the life of the person you love. It’s an event that brings family and friends together to share memories and support each other. And no matter what you have in mind, we can help you make it a perfect event to honour the memory of your loved one. Our team are very creative, so if you’re looking for ideas, please don’t hesitate to ask us for help.

Our park has a Service Hall with its own unique character. The atmosphere is created by a combination of music and lighting, and each building is set within a beautiful environment.

Your Options for Memorials

There are a number of ways to create a fitting tribute to the person you love. Contact us to arrange a tour of the park, and we can discuss the options available in more detail.

Memorial Trees                                                         Prices from £1,000

There are so many ways in which you might want to remember a loved one, and as with the funeral, this service is completely personal. For instance you can inter the ashes of your loved one with a Salix, a rose bush or a blossoming sapling in one of our many remembrance areas to commemorate someone special.

Living Memorial                                                              Prices from £50

Anyone is welcome to have a living memorial at our park, regardless of where your loved one is laid to rest.Living memorials provide a beautiful way to remember someone you love as they help to create perfect natural habitats. All wildlife boxes can be sponsored on a three-year basis and are suitable for a range of wildlife including birds, owls, bees, ladybirds, butterflies, and bats. Our bird and owl boxes can be machine-carved with a personal inscription making them the perfect memorial.

Personal Keepsakes                                                       Prices from £50

Treasure your loved one’s memory with one of our personal keepsakes. These include, the Genus Bonsai Tree, Crystal keepsakes with Swarovski Elements, and the wildflower ashes urn.

Urns and Ashes Caskets                                             Prices from £55

Choose from a beautifully designed range of ashes urns and caskets which are made from fully biodegradable materials.

Benches                                                                      Prices from £1450

We offer a choice of traditional style benches that can be purchased and placed close to your loved one. All benches in our range are made from FSC certified teak (from a responsibly managed forest). Each bench can be engraved with a personal message and comes with a minimum five-year permit and terms and conditions, which can then be reviewed yearly. Before ordering, our Grounds Supervisor will advise you of the exact location of where your bench can be placed in the park.

Memorial Plaques                                                        Prices from £75

We offer a range of small memorial plaques throughout the park, which you can personalise with an inscription and motif. Depending on the location in which they are to be placed, these plaques can be made from metal, granite, or wood. All our plaques are available on a three-year sponsorship which can be renewed.

Memorial Posts                                                           Prices from £125

In the woodland area of our park, full burials and ashes graves may be marked with a single wooden post. We offer different styles of posts to suit your requirement. Please speak to a member of our team of specialists for further details.

Prestige Memorial Options

Our prestige options offer a greater degree of privacy and exclusivity and can be used by families as a place where more than one member of the family can be laid to rest together. Options, which vary in nature, can include:

Private Garden                                                        Prices from £26,460

Our manicured private gardens are surrounded by carefully chosen hedging plants and closed with an ornate gate. They are carefully designed to allow you to personalise them to your own taste. Each garden is maintained to the highest standard ensuring privacy without creating a sense of claustrophobia. A private garden can accommodate a number of plots depending on your need.

Columbarium Niche                                               Prices from £14,670

Our Columbarium is an architecturally designed building for the interment of ashes. Each niche allows for two set of ashes to be interred together before being sealed with a polished granite front plate which can be engraved with a personal inscription.

Woodland Glade                                                     Prices from £20,950

Woodland glades are where families can be remembered together. Carefully created out of their natural surroundings, each glade can accommodate burials and/or ashes offering a feeling of greater privacy and exclusivity.

For more information request a price list or contact us





A survey of over 2,000 UK residents has revealed that 29% of the population have discussed death and their funeral preferences more frequently with loved ones compared to before the coronavirus pandemic, demonstrating a shift in attitudes and openness when discussing the end of life.

The survey, commissioned by GreenAcres, the award-winning cemetery, and ceremonial park group, was designed to highlight the importance of families having appropriate support in place to manage end of life, death, and living with grief.

However, the results also highlighted some clear differences across both gender and age. 52% of women said they did discuss death with those closest to them, compared to only 36% of men.

Although 43% of respondents have either discussed some ideas or would like to share their thoughts, only 24% have shared detailed preferences for funeral arrangements with loved ones.

Those aged 35-44 felt most strongly that they didn’t know how to approach the topic of death, and one in four people have never discussed death with their loved ones, and don’t plan to.

Andy Tait from GreenAcres said:

“After the incredibly tragic experiences that so many people have lived through over the past 18 months, it’s perhaps not surprising that more and more of us have started to open up a conversation with our loved ones about death. For so many people, it can be an incredibly difficult topic – nothing can prepare you for how you might feel when someone close to you dies, whether it’s expected or not. It can feel overwhelming, devastating, and strange, all at the same time. There are lots to organise, and it can be difficult to know where to start.

“For many people, talking about death and individual preferences can be a taboo subject, but by sharing our wishes, it can take the stress and worry away from the people you love the most when it’s their turn to make the arrangements.

“Our survey highlights an encouraging shift in behaviour and openness, but also demonstrates that more needs to be done to normalise these important conversations and provide people with the support they need to not only discuss death but also living with grief.”

As part of its ongoing support to help people speak more openly about death, GreenAcres has launched a new partnership with a leading bereavement charity, The Good Grief Trust, to open a series of pop-up cafés across its UK parks for bereaved local communities and families.

Designed to offer an umbrella of support to local communities, the Good Grief Cafés at GreenAcres are run by trained Good Grief Trust volunteers who have all been bereaved themselves, to connect and signpost people to services across the country and help them find a way forward.

To find out more visit Pop Up Good Grief Cafes – The Good Grief Trust and to register a place email: [email protected].