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Burials at GreenAcres Colney

At GreenAcres Colney, we do things differently. Ceremonies at our beautiful Park are planned so that there’s no rush and no time pressure. We’ll work with you to help find the perfect way to remember your loved one.

You can arrange a burial in our splendid woodland – with or without a funeral or memorial service. It doesn’t matter what your faith, beliefs or cultural practices are, you can celebrate the life of the person you love in the way that’s best for you. Our magnificent Service Hall has a unique ambience; a perfect combination of music and lighting, surrounded by a beautiful natural environment.

Adjacent to the courtyard we also have a Gathering Hall where family and friends can meet prior to the service and afterwards for the wake.

You can choose from a variety of natural environments – from woodland and meadows to lawn and traditional burials – depending on what suits you best. Burial fees vary, depending on the service, plot and location. However, our Parks are open to everyone – irrespective of the size of your budget.

Prestige options are available for families wanting a prime Park location or something more personal and exclusive such as burial in a private garden, woodland glade, or beneath a family tree.

You can also arrange to place a memorial to your loved one in our Park.

All GreenAcres Parks offer:

  • Full burial service
  • Direct burial without a service
  • Graveside service

Visit our cremations page to find out about ash interment or scattering at a GreenAcres park.


Full burial service Prices from £2,835

Traditionally, a full burial service includes a funeral ceremony in our Service Hall followed by a graveside burial. Most people find that a one-hour service is sufficient for their needs, but you can book extra time if you wish.

Music and audio visual tributes are included in the cost of a service.

Direct or straight to grave burial Prices from £2,390

A direct burial, sometimes referred to as ‘straight to grave’, is held when the deceased is buried shortly after death without any funeral service or other formal ceremony. Families sometimes choose this option when they wish to have a service at their place of worship before burial.

Graveside or committal service Prices from £2,390

A graveside (or committal) service involves holding a short funeral service at the burial site prior to burial.

Funeral Director fees are not included in our prices. For details on pricing options please speak to a member of our team of specialists.

Prestige options

Selecting a prestige option means you can lay your loved one to rest in an exclusive area of Park that offers privacy for mourners and visitors without having to worry about the lease. These burial options are offered under our Life Time Term. Following are some of the prestige options available at Colney. Please book a visit to our beautiful Park, one of the friendly members from our team of specialists will be available to show you around.

Memorial Woodland Garden for Burial or Ash memorial

Woodland GladePrices from £11,195

Bordered by a low wall created by natural wooden logs, a Woodland Glade offers a unique and dedicated place for you to connect with your loved one for years to come.

Prestige Family Memorial Tree for Burial or Ash interment

Family TreePrices from £11,195

A Family Tree is a carefully selected established tree with space for a number of burials and ash interments, or a combination of ashes and burials. This could be a blossom or fruit tree native to the Park. These trees are a special way to remember loved ones and are often selected for the love of the tree itself.

Woodland bay for burial or ash memorial at GreenAcres UK

Woodland BayPrices from £15,995

A Woodland Bay is a beautiful family space created by nature between the foliage of the Park. The burial or interment plot is marked by the natural environment and carefully placed moss logs, blending loved one’s resting place into the Park’s peaceful surroundings. *Coming soon

Woodland bay for burial or ash memorial at GreenAcres UK

Private GardenPrices from £18,395

Surrounded by carefully chosen hedging plants and closed with your own ornate gate, our manicured Private Gardens provide you with a quiet space for peace and privacy, alloowing you to reflect in a special environment for many years to come. Our Private Gardens are deigned to accommodate two or four burials, a number of ash interments, or a combination of ashes and burials. 

For more information request a price list or contact us