I go back to see my husband quite often

I go back to see my husband quite often. I chose a plot that’s in
quite a busy area so that we can talk to passers-by and meet other
people who have been in similar situations. Sometimes I bring a
book so there for quite a few hours, sometimes I bring my laptop
and work there. I find it a really relaxing, peaceful place to go to.

I cannot thank the wonderful people

I cannot thank the wonderful people at GreenAcres enough for the thoughtful and caring way they helped my mum to plan her funeral. They made a very difficult time so much easier and I know that before my mum died she was happy knowing that she would be buried exactly where she wanted to be. When we go to visit with her the team are always friendly and helpful. The grounds are always well looked after and we find it very peaceful. Just what we need. My husband and I fully intend to plan our own burial place at GreenAcres soon so we have reassurance that we will be together forever in this life and our afterlife.

We get great pleasure

We get great pleasure from our visits to GreenAcres. As a family
we decided to extend the glade and we have plots now for all four
of us to join Jack at some point.