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Planning Ahead

“I organised a pre-burial plot for far in the future ‘I hope’. It’s great to know our children don’t need to think about what to do.”


Thinking ahead and making plans for your final goodbye will not make the event happen any sooner. But it will certainly make sure that your friends and families are not left in the dark when the day eventually comes. Also if you are the type of person who likes to plan ahead or if you know you have a life-limiting illness, planning your own funeral may be the right thing for you. You can plan your own funeral, and even pay for it well in advance.

If you are caring for a loved one who is dying, you might also want to consider planning the funeral in advance. If the conversation can be had about the final wishes then that is a good place to start. In that respect planning ahead can be a good idea, as it’s more difficult to make decisions when you are already grieving someone’s death.

If it’s too difficult to have the conversation face to face there are on-line funeral wishes websites such as our own A Dozen Final Wishes.

When you buy a burial plot at one of our parks in advance you will also be future proofing your burial costs as the price you buy at today will not change regardless of how many years in advance you buy. To make it even easier you can pay in instalments spread over 12 months. The only additional charge is an administration fee to set up and run the instalments and you don’t pay interest.

Furthermore and uniquely with the purchase of a plot space on any of our GreenAcres Parks (whether for a Full Burial or an Ash Interment), you can actually choose the very place you want to be buried unlike many other cemeteries and by paying in advance as many do already you can take that financial burden from your family when the time comes.