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Planting Policy

We continually work to improve the existing trees and ground flora on all our parks and with that in mind we don’t allowing planting of any kind in the woodland. Our staff will remove any plants that are introduced by visitors.

As we reintroduce traditional woodland management techniques, the ground flora will be encouraged to spread and gradually colonise the burial areas. In order to favour the natural woodland flowers, we also ask visitors to refrain from placing potted plants, bulbs etc. on plots.

We expect the native flower seedlings that are dormant in the forest floor to quickly take advantage of the improved light reaching the ground as a result of our specialist woodland management, and therefore it is likely that over the next few years there will be a rapid spread of bluebells, foxgloves and other existing plants to other parts of the park.

We will also be transplanting native plants and seedlings from other areas of the park to the public areas, thus aiding the natural regeneration of this ancient woodland.