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Prestige options

Everyone is unique! So, too, are the Prestige Options at GreenAcres Heatherley Wood. Thoughtfully created as an exclusive burial option, offering the perfect final resting place for families. These prestige areas have been carefully selected for their prime location at the request of our customers looking for more privacy and exclusivity.

Private Garden

Nestled on the edge of the woodlands and in the heart of the meadow, you will find our Private Gardens. Designed to allow privacy and seclusion to lay your loved ones to rest, these private areas offer a place of tranquillity and reflection in the weeks, months and years afterwards when you return to visit. The price includes the first interment fee.

Exclusive Family Tree

An Exclusive Family Tree in the Meadow offers families the perfect final resting place to say goodbye to a loved one. Surrounded by a colourful blaze of wildflowers in the summer months, our exclusive family trees offer a beautiful natural alternative. The price includes the first interment fee.

Woodland Glade

The private Woodland Glades have been naturally created. These glades offer an exclusive space away from other visitors. The price includes the first interment fee.

Prestige Options Prices from £
Woodland Glade or Family Tree £7,770
Private Garden £3,420

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