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Excellent staff, a credit to GreenAcres. Beautiful environment to work in and happy staff!

GreenAcres Epping Forest is an utterly beautiful and unique place. Our natural setting breathes serenity, and the glorious woodland, with its multitude of flora and fauna, reflects the cycle of life that we are all part of. Everyone is welcome here, to celebrate their journey or that of a loved one.

The perfect place for a private celebration of life, GreenAcres Epping Forest offers choice – whether it’s for a memorial service, the burial of a loved one or their ashes, a baby naming ceremony or venue hire, friends, family and colleagues can come together in a tranquil and beautiful setting

Since the park was established in 2008, many families have chosen to lay their cherished ones to rest here, or have celebrated a life by holding a memorial service, wake or anniversary remembrance. Our stunning Woodland Hall and the peaceful wood provide the perfect backdrop to remember, honour and appreciate life. The friendly, compassionate and professional GreenAcres Epping Forest team are always on hand to offer help and guidance.

We are truly a place for all. People of many different faiths and of none have been buried, or had their ashes interred or scattered at Epping Forest. Offering choice is integral to our philosophy – we will accommodate particular wishes or requests wherever possible, and people make use of our facilities in a variety of ways. You may want a small, quiet ash scattering, or alternatively perhaps a funeral service with full woodland burial followed by a gathering, to celebrate your loved one’s memory. Our award-winning ceremonial buildings can also be hired for an event or meeting, or even a family occasion like a baby naming ceremony.

Comprised of 52 acres of mature woodland, the park is divided into areas ranging in ambience and habitat – from the still calm of Woodpecker Glade to a springtime carpet of bluebells, there are various options.

Our ashes and full burial plots are for 2 people, allowing people to be buried together if so desired, and we have set our prices to ensure that our parks are open and accessible as a final resting place for everybody.

We host and hold events throughout the year, including our Services of Remembrance which mark special days for treasuring memories, and we are open to visitors 365 days a year.

The woodland provides a restorative environment for remembrance and reflection – tranquil beauty surrounded by the harmony of the cycle of life. It is home to many species of native wildflowers, insects and creatures, and over 50 bird species have been recorded at Epping Forest.

GreenAcres Epping Forest appeals to people for numerous reasons. A person’s final wish might be to have a green or more environmentally friendly funeral. Some people are passionate about trees and wildlife, and want to return to nature after their death. Others seek an unusual and beautiful venue to celebrate an unusual and beautiful person.

You are welcome to visit the park – if you would like to know more about what we can offer, please contact us for an informal discussion or to make an appointment.