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Planting Policy

The Woodland Management programme at Colney is well under way and we have seen a huge increase in the woodland flora that has naturally regenerated as a result. This positive response to our management now means that we have now phased out planting wildflowers and bulbs within the woodland. This will also help to protect against accidental introductions that can prove detrimental to our woodland. For example, certain cultivations of Bluebell can also hybridise with our native stock, depleting local populations.

Therefore we are asking families and visitors to help us by not bringing in plants or bulbs to be planted in the wood (cut flowers to be placed in a wooden vase or laid on the grave are fine).

However, you can help us to encourage the spread of our woodland wildflowers. Moving forward, the Colney Woodland Team will begin to collect seeds from the woodland. They can then pass these seeds onto visitors.  Also, through the process of preparing plots, we inevitably encounter Bluebells. Our normal practice is to replant all the bulbs following an interment. Going forward, we will harvest a percentage of these bulbs and offer them to families to plant. These bulbs will already be used to our soil conditions and are much more likely to grow and spread than bulbs brought in from elsewhere. This will mean we are regenerating from our own plants and will prolong the life of the native Bluebell on site.

We believe that this is an ecologically responsible way of us allowing some planting on site without threatening our current wildflower population. This, coupled with the Woodland Management programme now in place will improve the woodland for everybody.

Thank you for your help regarding this very important and sensitive issue. If you would like more information then do contact our Woodland team, who will be happy to discuss further.