Welcome to GreenAcres

Park Rules

GreenAcres Chiltern is a private park is for reflection and enjoyment. All visitors are welcome but please abide by the few regulations we have specified in order to protect its natural beauty and in respect for those who are laid to rest here. Some key points are listed below. If you need clarification of any matters, please ask a member of the Chiltern staff.

  • Keep to the paths and do not stray or walk over marked burial plots
  • Do not pick the wildflowers or fungi
  • Keep children supervised at all times
  • Temporary Funeral Director crosses are not permitted
  • Only one memorial is permitted per plot
  • Cut flowers may be left lying on the grave without any wrappings or ribbons or placed in the permitted wooden vases
  • Only wooden vases may be placed on the graves. These can be purchased from the main woodland burials reception or a local woodcarver
  • There is no planting of any description allowed by visitors in the woodland
  • Graves are not to be shaped by wooden logs, flints or other materials
  • Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the park, except in the single designated area in the courtyard
  • Dogs should be on short leads and any mess cleared up
  • No picnics or barbecues in the park are permitted
  • No skateboards, roller blades, bicycles or any unauthorised motorized vehicle to be used in the park
  • Cars parked at owners’ risk. The management is unable to take responsibility for cars and their contents

A full copy of the Park Regulations is available on request.