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Cremation service

A gorgeous place to be laid to rest in beautiful surroundings with wildlife, birds and flowers. Perfect.”

Cremations are becoming increasingly popular today. There are many reasons why people choose cremation over burial, the high cost of funerals may be one. But all too often we hear that cremation services are rushed and impersonal. Here at GreenAcres we believe everyone should have the perfect funeral, one which is affordable and never rushed. Our relaxed and beautiful woodland setting provides the perfect environment to say goodbye to a loved one without being conscious of time.

On the day of your service

Your cremation service will be held in our beautiful Woodland Hall. After the service is concluded your loved one will be taken by private ambulance to a local Crematorium for a private cremation. Working alongside your Funeral Director, we will ensure the ashes are returned to you personally or stored as per your wishes.

Cremation services

Available Monday to Sunday. Our cremation services are inclusive of the usage of our audio visual services and depending on your need you can book additional hours as well.

Premium Cremation Service (30 minutes): 9am or 9.30am £500
Prestige Cremation Service (1hr): 11am, 1pm and 3pm £575

Finding the perfect resting place

Following the cremation, if you are considering an Ash Interment or Ash Scattering we have many different options available in the park. Whatever you decide, our experienced team will help you to choose the perfect final resting place.

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