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What to expect on the day – Ash Interment

If you have made the choice not to have a service within our Woodland Hall and instead will be holding a small gathering of family and friends at the plot or scattering area, this guide will help prepare you for what to expect on the day.

Firstly consider whether you wish to have someone (religious or non-religions) in attendance to give a short service.  Perhaps consider including a special poem or saying something meaningful to you or your loved one. A member of our team is always on hand to say a few words as an option.

  • Before the Ash Interment or Scattering you can arrange to have the ashes and cremation certificates delivered to us directly the day before, either by the Funeral Director or a member of the family. Alternatively, you can bring them with you on the day
  • The ashes being interred can be contained in either an urn or small casket or simply buried loose direct in to the ground. If you choose to have an urn or small casket, we will need to know the dimensions in advance to help us prepare the plot
  • Unless you have arranged for the ashes to be contained in a scatter tube, we will transfer the them in to a suitable urn; these might be a nicer alternative to those supplied by the crematorium and more within keeping with the woodland as well as being especially designed for scattering
  • Our electric buggy is available for anyone who might have difficulty walking to the plot or scattering area, please inform our team in advance if you think you may need assistance
  • On arrival at the park please come to our reception building where you will meet the member of our team who will be supporting you
  • Once your party has arrived a member of our team will lead you to your plot or the scattering area. You can of course carry the urn or casket yourself or alternatively it can be carried by one of our team
  • You can lower the urn containing the ashes to scatter them yourself or, alternatively, one of our team can do this for you.  The decision is entirely yours; some people feel they want to be involved while others prefer not. At our Colney Park the scattering area is very steep and so in the interests of health and safety, the member of our team looking after you will usually walk down the scattering area alone to scatter the ashes while you stay at the top to witness the scattering. Once the ashes have been scattered you can then take some time with your own thoughts and memories
  • After the urn or casket has been lowered into the earth and the service or committal has finished your party may walk  for a while in  the woodland.  It usually takes around 10-15 minutes before the plot is ready for your return.  If you prefer to stay at the plot while it is being filled you may do so.  Once again, just as with an Ash Scattering, you will be given time to stay at the plot with family and friends

If you have an interest in memorial options such as purchasing a memorial post or vase (for Ash Interments only), or adding an entry in to our Book of Remembrance, call into our reception where a member of our team will talk your through the different options.

Please note that we will send your invoice to the Funeral Director or family, as instructed.  Please rest assured we will not discuss this on the day of the Ash Interment or Scattering unless you would like to.

Burial Park Etiquette

This private park is for reflection and enjoyment. All visitors are welcome but please abide by the few regulations we have specified in order to protect its natural beauty and in respect for those who are laid to rest here. Some key points are listed below. If you need clarification of any matters, please ask a member of the GreenAcres staff.

  • Keep to the paths and do not stray or walk over marked burial plots
  • Do not pick the wildflowers or fungi
  • Keep children supervised at all times
  • Temporary Funeral Director crosses are not permitted
  • Only one memorial is permitted per plot
  • Cut flowers may be left lying on the grave without any wrappings or ribbons or placed in the permitted wooden vases
  • Only wooden vases may be placed on the graves. These can be purchased from the main woodland burials reception or a local woodcarver
  • There is no planting of any description allowed by visitors in the woodland
  • Graves are not to be shaped by wooden logs, flints or other materials
  • Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the park, except in the single designated area in the courtyard
  • Dogs should be on short leads and any mess cleared up
  • No picnics or barbecues in the park are permitted
  • No skateboards, roller blades, bicycles or any unauthorised motorized vehicle to be used in the park
  • Cars parked at owners’ risk. The management is unable to take responsibility for cars and their contents

A copy of this information is downloadable as a pdf for you to email to your guests or we can supply printed with envelopes for you to post out.

We hope this guide has been useful and we have highlighted what to expect on the day.  Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.