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The Lonely Tree

When a loved one dies it can be difficult to know how to teach children how to cope with loss and grief.

With its beautifully illustrated pages and gentle characters The Lonely Tree, written by Nicholas Haliday describe the cycle of life through the seasons.  Now approaching it’s tenth anniversary, this beautiful and moving story follows the first year in the life of a lone evergreen tree growing in the heart of the ancient oak woodland of the New Forest.  The evergreen is befriended by the oldest oak who has lived for hundreds of years.  When winter arrives all the oak trees must go to sleep, but of course evergreens never sleep.  Finally, after a long, cold and lonely winter, spring brings both sadness and joy to the little tree.

‘Utterly and completely charming. Originally illustrated and delightfully told.’
Stephen Fry

The Lonely Tree has been universally praised for its beauty and power and this life-affirming story is now a modern classic.

‘A delightful story and so relevant.’
Virginia McKenna, OBE (Founder of the Born Free Fundation)

‘Compelling! This book has something very special about it.’
The Observer

‘Lovely gift.’
BBC Springwatch

‘Enchanting! The trees are the heroes, the illustrations are full of secrets: the message is love.’
Joanna Lumley

Really lovely, really beautiful, really wonderful.’
ITV News

‘Richly illustrated and sympathetically explored for younger readers and, of course, that last acorn is the seed for a happy ending.’
Times Education Supplement

‘It is a gem! It’s going to be around for a long long time.’
Johnny Ball

‘A picture book that will appeal to the whole family’.
Children’s Book UK

This beautifully illustrated book can be purchased for £10 in the park.