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Returning to visit

Returning to visit

As well as the day of the service you can return to us again and again to enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the woodland finding a place for reflection and enjoyment. We are open and staffed 365 days a year but do call if you are travelling from a long distance as we sometimes close the park for short periods when we need to carry out essential woodland work.

There are also a few rules and regulations that we ask visitors to follow as it ensures all our families and visitors can enjoy the beauty of the park. So please also remember that we work hard to maintain the beauty of the woodland for all to enjoy and when you return we ask that:

  • Cut flowers be left lying on the grave without any wrapping or ribbon
  • Cuddly toys, photographs or balloons are not left at the graveside so as to preserve its appearance
  • If you would like to bring wreaths at Christmas time please use materials that are as natural as possible and we will remove when they start to deteriorate or on the 6th January to keep the grave looking well cared for

Thank you for helping us keep the woodland a place for enjoyment for all.

  • Guests are also requested to remain on the paths to avoid inadvertently straying over graves
  • Children need to be supervised at all times, as there are ponds and other natural hazards within the woodland
  • Suitable footwear is recommended for all visitors, as the woodland may be soft and/or wet underfoot
  • In unsettled weather we have large umbrellas should guests need them
  • Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the park other than in the designated area in the courtyard