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When bereaved, the desire to verbally memorialise the person who has died is often overwhelmingly strong but finding the right words to describe how we felt about that person; how they lived their life, their humour, their triumphs or perhaps simply their joie de vivre, can be extremely difficult.

We hope that the following selection of poems and prose, some of which are well known and others that are not so, will offer you and your family members an easy to access facility that will enable you to find the perfect reading for your final goodbye.

This beautiful poem entitled Colney Trees has been especially written by a member of the team for GreenAcres Colney.

Colney Trees
We silent sentinels in morning mist
Trunks stood straight and branches twist
Together as one our leaves give shade
And decorate nature’s colonnade
We grow together our limbs entwined
Our roots shoved deep yet not confined
Stretched into earth we take our hold
To secure this fortress of green and gold
We change and grow at nature’s behest
We never demand. We have no quest
Just content to stand and shelter all
From summer’s sun and winter squall
The lost that rest beneath our keep
Will slumber safe, so never weep
We hold them now in nature’s hand
Returned, replete and of the land
Kim Greenacre