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Before you start planning the funeral it is always a good option to get an idea of the funds you have access to and the overall funeral costs involved as well as how the funeral will be paid for.

The deceased may have a funeral plan which may cover a proportion of the costs, or there may be some specific wishes which will need to be costed.

Our costs vary dependant on the choices made. For some more accurate costings please visit the individual parks pages on this site.

Price Range
Service – 1 hour £250 – £700
Additional time per hour or part thereof £250 – £700
Premium Cremation Service – 30 mins £499 – £600
Prestige Cremation Service – 1 hour £575 – £945
Cremated remains scattering £90 – £995
Cremated remains interment (double plot) £265 – £10,710
Full burials (double plot) £780 – £15,500