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Saturday 16th March 2019

Have you been down to the woods today? You’re sure of a big surprise… No not a Grizzly Bear, but a Woodpecker!  Well actually, more than one.  In fact GreenAcres Rainford seems to be a haven for these elusive little creatures.   I personally have always found these noisy insect eaters fascinating but  no matter how hard I try I am still yet to see one.  Visitors to the park on the other hand have had far better luck than I have and so far we have been told of two sightings of the Green Woodpecker.  The green woodpecker is the largest of the three woodpeckers that breed in Britain. It has a heavy-looking body, short tail and a strong, long bill. It is green on its upper parts with a paler belly, bright yellow rump and red on the top of its head. The black ‘moustache’ has a red centre in males. They have an undulating flight and a loud, laughing call.

If you happen to spot any wildlife in our woodland, not just Woodpeckers we would love to hear about it.  You never know we might even feature it in our blog.  Get those cameras at the ready and get snapping.

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