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Wildflower Turf

Monday 21st August 2017

Wildflower Turf

At present many of the plants in our wildflower turf are going to seed to produce next year’s floral display. Unfortunately by the time seeding occurs the beautiful flower heads have done their work and so die away as they are replaced by seed pods.

Though less aesthetically pleasing, these seed pods are vital as we encourage wildflowers to spread within the meadow and beyond. In the coming months once all our varieties of wildflower have seeded we will finally cut the meadow, allowing the arisings to lay on the field for several days to ensure the majority of seeds trapped in the arisings have a chance to fall into the soil.

After the allotted time the material is blown off the field to avoid adding nutrients which would cause undesirable species such as dock, nettle and grasses to grow.

Thank you for your understanding,

The Park Team

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