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Wildflower Spotting at the Park

Sunday 11th June 2017

At Greenacres Rainford we have a plethora of fauna and flora that thrives on our meadows and in our woodland, from the multitude of songbirds that nest in our hedges to the wildflowers in our meadows. Plantlife have set up a Wildflower Hunt to map the wildflowers in  the UK and Greenacres Rainford needs you to help us produce the most thorough survey possible. You are always welcome at Greenacres so come in, grab a pen and help us show the rest of the country what a wonderful place Greenacres Rainford is.

We will post a list of all the wildflowers found (along with contributors names) on the GreenAcres Rainford Facebook page.


Good Luck from All the Team at Greenacres Rainford

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