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Why Families Choose GreenAcres Rainford

Tuesday 4th July 2017

Our families choose us for many reasons, our team recall what our families have said over the years.

We chose GreenAcres Rainford because dad loved walking in the Lake District, he was also a keen bird-spotter, he would of loved it here.’
Lifestyle comes up often..

Mum used to have an apple tree in her back garden, this is definitely the one.’
This family are referring to a particular tree they chose.

‘I like this area because it feels private, it’s actually quite comforting being surrounded by all these Scots pines.’
This is a comment from a staff member who chose a plot at Rainford for their Mum.

Selecting ‘your’ tree is a personal journey that our families embark on, we know from experience that every family is unique which is why we ensure their experience with us reflects just that ‘what our families say.’

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