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The benefits of a woodland burials

Monday 11th March 2013

Woodland burials are still far from being mainstream, but they are becoming more popular as people learn about the importance of calm, natural processes in an increasingly synthetic and automated world.

There are so many benefits of such a choice: from a globally ecological standpoint to an intensely private point of view, they offer the deceased – and the people they leave behind – the chance to do things their way, without damaging the environment.

As with all growing trends there is now a wide range of companies offering this service, and it’s important to make sure that you know the full details of what a particular site offers. Some are rather lacking in the personal touch, and in their commitment to the upkeep of the site itself. Always look around the site before making any decisions, and be aware that you might see some that are simply muddy tracts of land, with no buildings, no staff except on the day of the funeral, or a huge number of memorial posts that actually look as cluttered as the municipal cemetery you’re hoping to avoid.

It’s clear that not all woodland burials are the same, so when you’re planning ahead, take time over the decision and choose very carefully.

GreenAcres Woodland Burials has several sites around the country, all of which are open and staffed, by experienced people, 365 days a year. The company has a very strong culture of actually improving the environment rather than simply preserving it. The sites have all been carefully chosen – they were originally areas of mature woodland that were inaccessible and ecologically very poor. Now they have been rejuvenated and are maintained as sustainable areas of growth and wildlife habitat, and memorial posts – while as personal as you wish – are wooden and unobtrusive. The buildings on the sites, too, are designed to be welcoming as well as ecologically sound and they form an important part of the bereavement journey.

The aim of a woodland burial park is to offer the bereaved a more relaxed, open place in which to gather, to grieve and to celebrate. There’s no particular need for hush; laughter seems easier in the open air and children can explore and burn off energy away from the confines of a traditional church or crematorium service. And there are plenty of places within the woods to find solitude for those who want a time of contemplation. In the days, months and years to come, you can continue to visit whenever you wish and for whatever reason. It’s an easy and uplifting way to keep someone’s memory alive through the generations.

So, why might you consider a GreenAcres Woodland Burial? Five key reasons are most often quoted, though of course anyone might have their own:You want something different – away from the church and cemetery norm

  1. The environment is important to you – your life choices can be carried out after your death
  2. You love the countryside – you can rest in peace where you loved to roam
  3. You have freedom of choice – in where you lie, and how it will be done
  4. You can plan ahead – your own funeral, in your chosen place, and your loved ones will know that it IS what you would have wanted…

It’s this ability to plan, whether it’s months or years ahead, that attracts many people to the idea of a GreenAcres Woodland Burial.  Making decisions about and arrangements for your funeral before you have to, can be a liberating experience, allowing you and your family and friends to concentrate on enjoying life to the full.

Booking your burial space in advance with GreenAcres Woodland Burials also ensures you can secure your legacy and make a valuable contribution to the generations behind you. The reason is quite simple.

A proportion of every plot sale goes to GreenAcres Woodland Trust, guaranteeing the perpetuation of the site and the natural state of it.

So why not visit a GreenAcres Woodland Burial Park to see for yourself.

New for 2013, are Open Days on the first Saturday of every month, giving you the chance to wander around the park on a free self-guided woodland walk. It will also give you the opportunity to appreciate the work of the woodland team and what your contribution could be. It’s also a reassuring way to take a look around a woodland burial park if you have ever wondered what it’s all about.

So don’t leave your curiosity to another day. Visit www.chilternwoodlandburials.co.uk and find your closest park. We look forward to welcoming you.

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