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Spear Thistle

Tuesday 4th July 2017

Spear Thistle (Cirsium Vulgare)

Whilst wondering in our meadow area up to the woodland you may see our spear thistles, which are also known as the Scots thistle. These plants are often the first to be identified to children due to its spines which can cause painful pricks, however they are preserved where possible on the park due to their immense value to wildlife such as bees, ants and beetles. Thistles are remarkably hardy and their tall flower heads (up to 2m) can frequently be seen in meadows and grassland, often causing problems on land used for pastoral farming leading many to think of this wildflower as a weed.

Fun fact: The spear thistle is the national flower of Scotland and can be seen along the English rose, Welsh leek and Irish Shamrock on new pound coins.

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