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Seeding Bluebells at Rainford

Thursday 20th July 2017

Seeding Bluebells

Although their flowers no longer carpet the woodland floor our bluebells are still busy in the most vital part of their life cycle, producing seeds. Each stem supports several seed heads which allow the seeds to develop, each seed head consists of three segments with each segment holding several seeds. In the coming months the seed heads will open once the seeds have matured allowing them to be dispersed by the wind. The woodland staff at Greenacres collect a small percentage of these seeds which are available on our reception along with the seeds of the foxglove and red campion. Bluebell seeds are best sown from late summer as a frost helps with germination.
By Tom Cowley

Fun fact; bluebell sap was used by the Victorians to stiffen the ruffs on their collars and sleeves and to bind pages in books.

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