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Robin (Erithacus rubecula)

Tuesday 24th October 2017

Robin (Erithacus rubecula)

This friendly bird can be seen in gardens around the UK and are frequently one of the first birds learnt by name by children due to its cheeky, bold behaviour and bright red breast and face. The bold behaviour is due to the robins extremely territorial behaviour. With over six million territories in the UK the robin is on the up and up as it should be as the UK’s national bird. Robins enjoy seeds, nuts, fruit and suet from garden birdfeeders though their favourite foodstuff are invertebrates. Worms, beetles, slugs, ants and spiders are all delicacies through the robins eyes so next time your digging in the garden keep an eye out for them, they are most likely close by keeping watch! This behaviour is so well developed that robins at Greenacres Rainford will follow anyone in a high-vis vest as they know at some point they are likely to start digging!

Sketch by Tony Bishop

Fun fact: Much of the behaviour we perceive as little nuances are actually the male robins tactics for defending its territory. Robbins are so territorial males will attack their own reflection or red materials as they perceive them as a threat. When you see the quintessential image of a robin perched on a vantage point he is using it as a watchtower, scanning for any intruders on his domain!

Article by Tom Cowley

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