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Red Campion

Sunday 30th April 2017

Spread across the wildflower turf, our meadows and the woodland floor Red Campion is a common sight across the site. With an abundance of red flowers arriving just as the bluebells go to seed, the Red Campion has its flowers in clusters on stems up to a meter in height. It is likely that plants on site have hybridised with white campion, producing a paler, pinker flower.

In summer you can often see bumblebees collecting nectar from this wildflower and behind each flower sits a vase shaped calyx which holds the seeds after the bees have done their part.

Fun fact: In the Isle of Man they are known as the Fairy Flowers and picking them is discouraged as local folklore tells that those that pick Red Campion will be punished by the fairies.

Article kindly provided by Tom Cowley – GreenAcres Rainford Woodland Supervisor

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