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Rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus)

Monday 18th September 2017

Rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus)

Though you have to be lucky to see one of these shy creatures you are sure to see the tell tail signs of their presence such as excavation of holes ranging in size from small divots to large warrens, mounds of dung and their love of munching particular flowers.

Most plot owners at Rainford have experienced the latter, resulting in our Woodland Supervisor producing a list of plants that rabbits tend to avoid.

Rabbits were first introduced to England by the Romans, soon spreading throughout the country. Rabbits are frequently kept as pets in western culture with selective breeding producing a wide range of features including giant and dwarf rabbits as well as Angora rabbits that are sheared for their fur!

Sketch by Tony Bishop

Fun fact: Rabbits are prolific breeders with a particular example being Australia where 24 rabbits were introduced in the 1850’s they quickly numbered in their thousands  resulting in a huge fence over eleven hundred miles long, separating the east from the west in an attempt to halt their progression.

Tom Cowley

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