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Our Beautiful Rainford Park

Sunday 12th October 2014

We have been lucky enough to capture some stunning pictures of the park to share with you all; our wildlife watch has been postponed for a short period due to extensive maintenance of the park. However I am sure you will agree the woodland team have worked extremely hard and the results are quite spectacular.

On behalf of the woodland team, a special thank you to Tony Higgins our volunteer, who has been providing the woodland staff with a great deal of help over the past couple of weeks.

It is such a wonderful area, with stunning views accompanied by birdsong and blossoming berries, if you get chance, I would urge you to come and take some pictures while the weather is still reasonably good.

We would really appreciate any feedback you may have on the park, the lads have worked so hard over the past few weeks, if you could leave your comments on the facebook page it would be very much appreciated.

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