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Orienteering Event brings families together at Easter

Thursday 4th April 2013

Families came together to learn Orienteering and Map Reading Skills for this special new childrens event for the Easter Holidays.

A great time was had by all as children, parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles followed a course through the woodland to find the special control points.  They were rewarded at the end of the course with Easter Eggs for the children and refreshments for all.

Our grateful thanks to the Norfolk Orienteering Club for their hard work and enthusiasm in helping us with this event.

Thanks also to everybody who took part.  Your course times are below:

The Bailey Family          39 minutes

The Gilding Family       28 minutes

The Margand Family    30 minutes

The Horn Family           55 minutes

The McKinney Family  66 minutes

The Neri Family            42 minutes

The Merritt Family      58 minutes

The Faulkner Family   37 minutes

The Leverett Family    41 minutes

The Stanley Family      75 minutes

The Burton Howard Family   61 minutes

The Goonan Family     108 minutes

The Goodenough Family  55 minutes

The Nunn Family         22 minutes

The George Family     63 minutes

The Bierton Family     41 minutes

The Elvin Family         51 minutes

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