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Motorcycle Hearse & Alternative Funerals

Sunday 14th May 2017

At GreenAcres we pride ourselves in being innovators, from our beautiful venue that facilitates all life events, to the many community event we run for our families and friends of the park.

Whether you want to be buried among bluebells, under an ancient oak tree, or have ashes interred under a blossoming young apple tree, this special corner of the North West is second to none.

Last year the NAFD National Association of Funeral Directors Report stated that woodland/green burials are the choice of 12% of GB adults. Quite surprising considering the popularity of cremations, however some of our families do choose to have their service with us and bring their loved ones ashes at a later date.

Families have chosen our park because they have been able to have the funeral they want, whether it is a DIY funeral without a Funeral Director, and completely family led, or a loved one arriving in a camper van or motorcycle hearse, we will support you in making it happen.

To find out more, please feel free to get in touch 01744 649189.

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