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Help the Hedgehog!

Tuesday 12th June 2018

Did you know….

The number of hedgehogs living in the British countryside has plummeted by more than half since 2000, according to a report done earlier this year.

Counting nocturnal animals is a bit on the difficult side but the results of the report shows that the hedgehog is in long term decline. There are possibly only a million left, representing a 97% drop from the 30 million that lived in the 1950’s.

On a positive note, hedgehogs in gardens of less rural areas are on the incline as they are able to find more food so more likely to survive.  If you find a hedgehog in your garden hears a few tips to help out your prickly guest.

  • Why not leave some wet meaty dog food down for them around dusk.
  • Put down some fresh water for them to drink.
  • Make a little hedgehog house is a quiet part of the garden and maybe even a wilderness area for insects to thrive.
  • Don’t give them bread and milk.
  • Don’t handle a hedgehog unless it appears injured.
  • Don’t light a bonfire or fork a compost heap with out checking for hedgehogs first.

Together lets get those numbers back up!

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