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Tuesday 4th July 2017

The Hedgehog (Erinaceus europaeus)

Image supplied from Willows Hedgehog Rescue

From childhood many of us are familiar with the small, rounded, brown, spiky mammal known as the hedgehog. They are often seen in gardens at dusk snuffling for their favourite food, a nice juicy slug.

They also enjoy snails, beetles, earthworms, millipedes, earwigs, and caterpillars. More infrequently they will snack on bird eggs, frogs, carrion and fallen fruit.

When a hedgehog feels threatened they can curl into a ball leaving only their sharp spines exposed, a deterrent to predators. Hedgehogs frequently rest and hibernate in brash piles, many of which can be seen at GreenAcres.

These structures provide both safety and a food source. Unfortunately hedgehogs numbers are declining falling under a million due to cars, intensive farming, slug pellets, badgers, lawnmowers and bonfires.

You can help raise hedgehog numbers by avoiding slug pellets, checking bonfires and areas to be mowed and building brash piles in your own garden which will support a plethora of wildlife including the humble hedgehog.

At GreenAcres we avoid using insecticides, always check areas to be mowed for potential hedgehog hideouts and leave wildlife corridors around our hedges and ponds. If you would like to feed hedgehogs they enjoy mealworms and meat based pet food, however milk is a definite no-no as hedgehogs are lactose intolerant.

At GreenAcres we are supportive of The Willows Hedgehog Rescue Bromsgrove click here to find out more.

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