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GreenAcres Rainford – Woodland Hall Update

Wednesday 19th February 2014

Great news, our woodland hall is nearly ready.

Families will be notified when the hall is open, and will receive a warm welcome from all the staff at Rainford upon arrival.

Once our hall is open, we are looking forward to inviting some very special guests and a number of local community groups to the park and anticipate a busy year ahead.

Our first event is the much talked about Mother’s day service, which is being held on the 30th of March at the new GreenAcres woodland hall in Rainford.

Haydock Funeral Services are supporting the event which is being led by celebrant Deirdre Brannigan, this day is open to all who wish to attend.

Next we will be posting February’s ‘wildlife watch’ and the much anticipated ‘bluebell watch’

GreenAcres Rainford Woodland Hall - Update

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