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GreenAcres Colney provides final resting place for unclaimed ashes

Wednesday 10th August 2016

GreenAcres Colney were able to help Norfolk Police recently by providing a final resting place for unclaimed human ashes in their care.

The mystery ashes were left outside Attleborough Police Station last September. After testing and confirming the ashes were human remains, Norfolk Police made several appeals for information in the hope a family member would come forward and claim them.

When nobody made contact, Gavin Tampin (pictured) of Norfolk Police, Diversity Officer for Breckland, approached GreenAcres Colney having heard that we welcome people of all beliefs and denominations. Our park is open to everyone, and this made us an ideal place to scatter the unclaimed ashes.

We were glad to help by giving that person a proper final resting place, in a tranquil and beautiful setting.  No charge was made to Norfolk Police for the scattering, in recognition of their honourable attempts to identify the person and ensure they were peacefully laid to rest.

The ash scattering is also listed in our Burial Book, recorded in case a family member should come forward in future and wish to visit our Bluebell Wood ash scattering area in remembrance.

(Pictured is Gavin Tampin, Diversity Liaison Officer for Breckland, Norfolk Police, at the ash scattering area in Bluebell Wood)

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