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Grafitti removal team rescue old railway bridge!

Saturday 15th March 2014

On Saturday 15th March, the team from GreenAcres – Epping Forest with the help of local volunteers turned an ugly eye-sore into a thing of beauty…

Dressed in white protective overalls and armed with paint brushes and rollers, the team set about the task of removing the unsightly grafitti from the railway bridge on the approach to the park. Cheered on by local dog walkers, joggers, visitors to the park and lots of hot refreshments, the team completed the job in just over 4 hours!

It was great that so many local people turned out to lend their support and give up their time on a Saturday morning. We would like to to say a special thank you to professional painter and decorator Mantas Maciulis of www.capitalpainter.co.uk for giving up a morning’s work to come and help, Steve Coulson, Suzanne Drain and the Stockton family – Sue, Paul, Amber and Zoe who all live locally and walk under the bridge on a daily basis.

After all our hard work we’re now keeping our finger’s crossed the grafitti artists don’t return!!!

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