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Dying Matters 2017

Sunday 14th May 2017

On Tuesday the 9th of May GreenAcres Rainford was at The Living Well in St Helens, with a collection of local voluntary and non-voluntary organisations who got together to promote Dying Matters.

GreenAcres Rainford Stall

This happens each year, in 2015 we held the local Dying Matters event at GreenAcres Rainford, in 2016 it was held in Halton and this year it was held at the new Willowbrook Hospice Living Well centre.

Dying Matters 2017

The event included art interactive artwork, information about wills and probate, advice from a local Funeral Directors, Age Concern, Citizens Advice, Healthwatch and many more.

Interactive Art at Dying Matters 2017

Please look out for next years event, it is open to the public and is free to attend.

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