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Cremation Services at our Park

Friday 17th August 2018

Cremations are becoming increasingly popular around the world.  But all too often we are hearing of people feeling their cremation services are being rushed or impersonal.  Here at GreenAcres we believe everyone should have the perfect funeral whether it’s a burial or cremation.  A service at our park is not rushed, as you have 45min for you and your celebrant, priest or vicar to share strories and listen to songs of reflection with friends and family. For those of you who have visited the park you will already be aware of the relaxed and beautiful setting.  Our park really does provides the perfect environment to say goodbye to your loved one.  The Woodland Hall, with its full length glass doors allow the outside to come in, offering panoramic views across the meadow and woodland.  Cremations have been running from our park in Rainford since the end of last year and are proving popular anomgst funeral directors and visitors alike.  Feedback from the people who have attended services at the park has been overwhelmingly posative and we can’t thank people enough for their support.   If you would like more information on our cremations please feel free to come in and pay us a visit, or call the park on 01744 649189

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