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BioBlitz- the results are in

Saturday 12th January 2019

So as some of you may know, at the end of August of last year GreenAcres Rainford had a few visitors.  20 Specialists to be exact to take part in a BioBlitz.  “What’s a BioBlitz?” I here you ask.  Well I will tell you.  A BioBlitz is an intense period of biological surveying, attempting to record all the living species within a designated area.  Groups of scientists, naturalists and volunteers conduct an intensive field study over a short but continuous period.  This is usually a 24-hour period, working through the night.  A BioBlitz is often held in public areas such as parks or nature reserves to attract the attention of the public and creating interest in biodiversity.

The group of science enthusiasts were looking for anything from moths to mushrooms and everything in-between.

Well its been a few months and the findings have been calculated and the results are in.  In total there where a whopping 848 items across the park over the 24-hour period.   In the moth category alone, they found 42 species.  Who knew there where 42 species of moth.

If you are finding all this bug talk interesting, the Biodiversity Report is available to look at for your selves at our park reception.

If anyone can guess the name of any of the wild flowers in the gallery then let us know on the GreenAcres Rainford Facebook page

Thank you to all the team who took the time to make this happen including:

Steve McWillaim – Entomologist

Gary Hedges – Entomologist

Ben Deed – Bryologist

Susan Marley – Ornithologist

Amanda Barber – Water Quality Specialist

Clive Washington – Coleopterist

Glen Rostron – Dipterist

Peter Gateley – Botanist

 Mark Pritchard – Ecologist

Dave Higginson-tranter – Mycologist

Rich Burkmar – Acachnologist

Phil Brighton – Dipterist

Charlie Fletcher – Lepidopterist

Jack Swan – Botanist

John Watt – Bryologist

Julia Simons – Botanist

Dave Owens – Lepidopterist

Ray Banks – Lepidopterist

Ronald Moyes – Lepidopterist

Richard Price – Acachnologist

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