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Ash dieback – Update

Monday 12th November 2012

At present all of our GreenAcres woodland sites remain clear of Ash dieback disease.

There have however been new cases confirmed within Buckinghamshire, relatively close to our Chiltern park with a number of confirmed cases close to our Colney park in Norwich.

Looking at the overall composition of our GreenAcres woodlands, Ash comprise a small percentage.

Ash dieback only infects Ash trees so the risk to the wider woodland biodiversity is small.

The fungus exists within the leaves and leaf stems of the tree initially, and spreads via the dispersal of spores. This occurs between June and October peaking between July and August, this means that as we progress through Autumn into Winter the risk of new infections diminishes.

All of our woodlands have now been surveyed and given a clean bill of health. Regular checks will continue going forwards. A further survey will be completed in spring 2013, when the fungus becomes more obvious. This will help us to assess if the fungus is present and we can then respond accordingly.

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