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Ash Dieback Disease

Thursday 1st November 2012

Ash Dieback Disease ( Chalara ash die back ) is a relatively new disease that attacks our native Ash trees and has, up until now been only found in nursery trees.

In recent weeks you may have seen on the news that there have been some sightings of the disease in mature trees and on the 29th October it was identified that there are confirmed reports of the disease in mature trees in a wide geographical spread in the UK with a high incidence in East Anglia.

Chiltern Woodland Burials was given a clean bill of health on the 30th October, however all Ash trees on the park will be inspected regularly to monitor any signs of infection.

The symptoms are notable in the unnatural decay of the leaves and eventually the bark begins to display open holes. Current thinking is that just the leaves die for one season and not the whole tree. However should we be advised that this is not the case and once infected an Ash tree needs to be removed, the effect on the overall woodland will be fairy inconspicuous, owing to the low number of Ash trees on the park.

We will post regular updates on the websites as and when the situation changes or we know more information.

Please do get in touch with us if you would like to speak to any of our expert woodland team or have any questions – we are always happy to help

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