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A Cremation Service with a difference

Wednesday 29th November 2017


On the 1st of November GreenAcres Rainford launched an all-inclusive cremation service which provides a real alternative for families.

Pre-cremation services have been held at the GreenAcres Rainford for many years, with families opting to use the venue as an alternative for their service, and then moving on to a crematorium for a committal thereafter.

With the new offering, families can now book a cremation service at GreenAcres Rainford which will include both the cost of cremation and hire of the Woodland Hall.

Once the service has concluded and the family have dispersed, a private ambulance will take their loved ones on their final journey to where the cremation will take place.  GreenAcres will then arrange to collect and returned their loved ones ashes as per the family’s wishes.

Andy Tait, Managing Director, explained, “We often hear families tell us that if they had known about our beautiful Woodland Hall they would have chosen our venue for their cremation service. We are very pleased now to be able to provide this option for both our families and their Funeral Directors.”

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