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Winter Wildlife Tips

Friday 18th January 2019

At this time of year the weather has changed and the wild life around the park may find it a little more difficult to find their food.  Here at the park, like many of you at home we care about our wild animals and will do our upmost to try and help them survive the cold snap.  Whether you are at home, out walking the dog or visiting a loved one here at the park, there are many ways you can help keep our wildlife from safe from the cold. here are just a few

  1. LET YOUR GARDEN GO WILD – undisturbed wild areas make great nesting and hibernation spots.
  2. BREAK THE ICE – toxic gasses can build up in ponds killing fish and hibernating amphibians.
  3.  FEED THE BIRDS – natural food sources are more scarce in the winter.
  4. PROVIDE FRESH WATER – all animals will appreciate fresh water when natural sauces are frozen.
  5. ATTRACT NEW GARDEN VISITORS – leaving small amounts of different foods may attract varying species
  6. CHECK ANY BONFIRES BEFORE LIGHTING THEM – wildlife may nest or hibernate in bonfires over the winter always check before lighting a fire.
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